25 Real Facts That Will Make Even The Most Common Fears Way Less Scary

If all you ever know about the world is what you see on television you may worry quite a bit over things that may or may not be real because I, at least, never give much credibility to what I see there. I don’t really believe what I see here on the Internet much more, but these 25 real facts will make even the most common fears way less scary. The winner is at the bottom, but first the runners-up …


by madmann


by anothermoron


by PandaPoo


by Lakija


by evan2


by MrWilson


by Old.Man


by MrWilson


by madmann

by El Zoof


by Lunachick71


by Old.Man


by AuntieMeme


by sbttw2003


by foxjasond


by Eraser


by Sulaco


by gicusudoru


by AuntieMeme


by Stoopid_Pursun


by madmann


by monkeybird


by Nirgal


by HypeVillain

And the winner is …

Congrats, Douglas A. McDonnell. You win money.

by Douglas A. McDonnell

(Source: Cracked.com)

Do you have a scary fact you know to be real that’s not listed here? If so let us know!

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